Porsche Boxster in orange
2016, Automatic, 6.0 L, 635 hp.
Bentley Bentayga in black color
2017, Automatic, 6.0 L, 608 hp.
Bentley GTC (convertible) in red
2016, Automatic, 4.0 L, 507 hp.

Rent a premium Bentley in Dubai

At your disposal are the following luxury Bentley models: the dynamic sports coupe GT and GTC (convertible), and the most comfortable SUV Bentayga.

The appearance of Bentley is admirable, and the interior is amazing. All elements inside are made in the best traditions of the British automotive industry: the cabin is comfortable and spacious, convenient and understandable location of the main controls. The interior looks very expensive and high quality.

In Bentley are installed all the technical novelties:

  • Powerful turbocharged six- and four-liter engines;
  • Automatic 8-speed transmissions;
  • Modern double clutch;
  • LED lights and taillights;
  • Hundreds of roadside assistance assistants;
  • Full drive, adaptive suspension and more.

Bentley machines are assembled manually from expensive and high-quality parts, except for technically complex elements: engine, gearbox, clutch and others.

All of them are installed in blocks, but adjustments are made on each model after long tests in real conditions – on the road.

Security in Bentley comes first:

  1. warnings about dangerous items on the road;
  2. notification of signs and speed;
  3. circular placement of cameras and assistance in parking;
  4. more than 12 pillows and curtains of safety;
  5. the body is made of light, but very strong materials.

Rent a Bentley in our company on the best conditions in Dubai:

  • we always provide a technically corrected vehicle (check is made after each trip);
  • the car is provided clean, and after the end of the lease we will take care of the car wash;
  • free delivery and pick up the car at the address you specify (this can be any place in Dubai).
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