Porsche Boxster in orange
2017, Automatic, 4.0 L, 585 hp.
Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG в белом цвете
2017, Automatic, 4.0 L, 585 hp.
Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 in black color
2017, Automatic, 4.0 L, 422 hp.
Mercedes-Benz GTS in white color
2016, Automatic, 4.0 L, 510 hp.
Mercedes-Benz S500 in black color
2017, Automatic, 3.0 L, 367 hp.

Mercedes-Benz Rental in Dubai

With Mercedes-Benz in Dubai, your trip will be unforgettable, comfortable and dynamic.

The entire fleet is not older than 3 years, the mileage of cars is not more than 100 thousand kilometers. After the end of the rent period cars goes through specialized washing with dry cleaning, and also diagnosed for technical malfunctions.

In our company you will always receive:

  • a technically corrected vehicle;
  • clean with a pleasant scent inside;
  • fully stocked;
  • service of delivery and return of the machine to any address in Dubai.

Mercedes G63 and G500, S500 and GTS rental

G63 will please you with a bass exhaust, powerful engine and cross-country traffic. This is a large and roomy SUV.

The G500 is a machine for bad roads, mountains, barkhans, swamps and other nature. Increased cross-country ability, even greater clearance and bumpers with large angles of entry.

S500 – a luxury car with a maximum level of comfort. Ideal soft suspension, silence and convenience inside.

GTS – sport car that leaving behind itself all the cars on the crossroads. Sleek and stylish, with dynamic acceleration and responsive control.

Mercedes cars combine modern expensive appearance, comfortable and high-quality interior, powerful engine and impenetrable suspension.

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