Cadillac Escalade in black

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Cadillac Escalade, undoubtedly – the king on the roads: majestic, beautiful, luxurious and strong. Ideal for a large family. in the cabin there are two additional passenger seats.

In the salon is really a lot of space, the interior is expensive, comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It will give you feeling like you want to drive this car every day. Thanks to the high landing, a good view, which allows you to forecast the situation on the road for a long time, and a soft and impenetrable suspension makes every trip as comfortable as possible.

Technical data: 6.2-liter engine, producing 426 hp. and, despite the big weight, dispersing “the king of roads” for 6,7 seconds to hundred. Coupled with an 8-speed automatic, the car switches gears gently and unnoticed.

Off-road potential is huge: high ground clearance, four-wheel drive, adaptive suspension, various settings and locks of the drive, assistants when driving in difficult conditions.

Engine 6.2
Max speed 180 km/h
Transmission 8 speed Automatic
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