Luxury cars
Rolls-Royce Wraith in white
2016, AUTOMATIC, 6.6 L, 632 H.P.
Audi A5 cabriolet white
2018, Automatic, 2.0 L, 190 h.p.
Rolls-Royce Ghost II в черном цвете
2018, Automatic, 6.6 L, 570 h.p.
Rolls-Royce Dawn in blue
2018, Automatic, 6.6 L, 632 h.p.
Cadillac Escalade в черном цвете
2017, Automatic, 6.2L, 426 h.p.
Bentley GTC (convertible) in red
2016, Automatic, 4.0, 507 h.p.

Luxury Cars in Dubai

Buy and maintain an elite car is very expensive, and in our company you can rent such a car at a bargain price and for a few days.

Elite cars are:

  • the top of the design idea, embodied in reality;
  • the best, modern and rare (due to high cost) technology;
  • increased safety of all passengers and maximum comfort within;
  • reliable and powerful atmospheric engines with and without turbines;
  • futuristic and breakthrough technologies in everything.

Our company offers the best rental conditions throughout Dubai:

  1. The largest fleet of elite cars;
  2. Free reservation of any models to choose from;
  3. Only new and in the maximum complete sets of auto;
  4. Free delivery and return anywhere in Dubai.

Rent one of the elite Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars in Dubai on individual terms.

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