05 Jun 18

How to rent a car in Dubai

Dubai is a luxurious and modern tourist city, where there is no winter, spring or autumn. It’s always summer! Of course, in summer the heat is 50-degree, but from early autumn, throughout the winter and until late spring, the country has excellent weather and a great time for a tourist trip.

The city has developed greatly over several decades and turned into a modern technological megapolis:

  • high-class multi-kilometer metro line with smart trains without a driver;
  • well-developed transport system: river and railway trams, buses, metro, taxi;
  • stranded in the sky multi-storey buildings and business centers with a height of several hundred floors;
  • one of the best roads and highways in the world in terms of quality of coverage, marking and thoughtful solutions;
  • first-class education in kindergartens, schools and higher educational institutions;
  • A huge number of entertainment facilities: parks, promenade embankments, shopping centers, beaches, attractions and much more.

How to rent a car in Dubai

The best beaches in the whole UAE are in Dubai. They divide the coastal zones into wild ones, where they do not specially put infrastructure and preserve a pristine wild place, and modern developed beaches, where there are volleyball game zones, running tracks, showers, cafes and restaurants and much more.

Attractions are one of the best and most impressive too. For example, recently in the vicinity of the famous area of Dubai Marina, the largest Ferris wheel was built. You can also visit the parks of dinosaurs and butterflies, cities around the world, the famous park with Ferrari attractions (though it located in Abu Dhabi, two hours from the tourist capital), a zoo, water park and other interesting and modern entertainment places.

The height of the tower of Burj Khalifa reaches almost one kilometer, to be precise, 828 meters. This is an incredible construction – the top of engineering and construction thought, embodied. It is located directly at the Dubai Mall, which houses a large musical fountain with musical and light effects. And directly inside the shopping center there was a huge aquarium with a height of four-flor house.

Have time to visit the exhibition of sports and vintage cars, take a walk in the shopping center Emirates, visit the Sheikh Zayd Mosque, relax on the beach in Abu Dhabi and visit the local zoo.

Usually, tourists arrive in Dubai for a couple of weeks and move on their own, on public transport or a taxi. So, of course, it’s simply impossible to see all the above-mentioned sights and others not included in the survey, and it’s expensive if you constantly take a taxi. And what about trips to the neighboring emirate, so generally – uncomfortable and unreasonably expensive.

Therefore, we recommend renting a car in Dubai for the entire period of stay or for the period when you want to go to another emirate or to a place located on the outskirts of the city.

Advantages of renting a car in Dubai

Not to mention the saved time and money, also on the face of the obvious advantages:

  1. Cheap fuel cost, on average, 2.5 dirhams per liter – this is about 50 euro-kopecks, or 40 Russian rubles.
  2. Rent of budget, elite, business and sports cars, on average, is cheaper by 20-30% of any European country.
  3. Free roads, except for Salik plots, but there are only few tolls and there is always a detour.

Rent a car in Dubai is very simple, it is enough to have an international driving license or national driving license of your country. Thus, you can rent a car for your internal rights. Also good news for tourists: now arriving in Dubai, it is not necessary to do a visa – all the necessary procedures you can make at the customs border.

In the rental car you can safely move around the city without haste, without fear of being late anywhere and visiting attractions anywhere in the UAE.

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