28 Mar 19

KIA to announce a new updated full-frame Mohave

A full-size full-frame SUV market is comparatively small at the moment. The most well-known models are о G63 or G500 of Mercedes-Benz, Range Rovers or Nissan Patrol.

Kia to release an upgraded full-frame Mohave SUV

Korean corporation hasn’t been performing any updates on Mohave for more than 10 years. The project seemed to be discontinued… or so we thought. KIA has deeply modified its SUV without rebranding thus bringing back the interest to the once-forgotten model.

Definitely a market version tends to be significantly different from the concept illustrated above. Nevertheless, some of the major improvements will be fully implemented in a production model.

New Mohave’s got a fresh redesigned body made of light and stronger metal. Besides the longer wheel-base we’re about to see new:

  • Smart 4wd system with a number of dive locks for off-road activities
  • LED optics
  • grills
  • Turbo engines (both gas oil and diesel versions)
  • 360-view camera, blind spot controls, lane assist
  • And much more!

Of course, the new KIA Mohave will remain at least 7-seated or may even get one extra.

We hope to see this new amazing SUV for early access in the UAE. We, on our side, will do our best to present it to our valuable customers as soon as it is possible.

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