10 Apr 19

Pay for petrol without rolling down your window!

Dubai’s most known gas station company, ENOC Group, has recently launched a service called EnocPay. It is basically an app for your smartphone to pay for petrol, groceries or any other products at ENOC Petrol stations.

Pay for fuel Dubai application android ios

This platform gives you a new easy way to pay for your fuel with one click and any VISA®/Mastercard® banking card once linked to your account. Say no to long harassing queues, pay while fueling and go ahead with your trip once it’s done.

Mind that you are able to pay remotely in advance or for the friends and family of yours. You may install ENOCPay application from Google Play or Apple Store markets.

You no more have to worry about your payment history. You can view and easily calculate your spendings on petrol.

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