10 Apr 19

The fastest Mercedes AMG GT R Pro

The supercar Mercedes GT has got an upgrade to new high-end equipment. The new model has got a fresh exterior. It is the first update after a few years when the model got an engine and a transmission improvement.

The fastest Mercedes AMG GT R Pro

New LED adaptive headlights and a modified rear lights exterior.

AMG GT R PRO version got a facelift of front and rear bumpers and grills and a brand new quad-tube exhaust.

A dashboard is now a 12-inch sensor integrated display. A driving mode switch has taken its place on a steering wheel making it easier to operate while driving.

The newest and fastest Mercedes car makes it just 3.5 seconds from zero to one hundred, thanks to a V8 4L engine undercover.

Take your chance to personally experience a new Mercedes-Benz GTS with our company 0-100.

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